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About Us


In 1957, in the industrial sector of Viña del Mar, Chile, Industrias Químicas Reno®  Ltda. was established, as a supplier of diluents, solvents and hardware products for the national productive market; division that marked the beginning of this thriving company.

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Satisfaction and fulfillment of customer requirements, continuous improvement of processes, development of long-term relationships with suppliers, respect for the environment, current legislation, safety in operations, with competent, motivated personnel and in continuous training, they constitute the bases for the sustainability of the company over time.



We are a company of representation, import, distribution and commercialization of chemical products and raw materials , which is in business to provide a comprehensive and sustainable service over time. Maintaining responsible and ethical conduct, compliance with current legislation, good labor practices, human rights and respect for the environment.

We are a company in constant growth , focused on our clients, and we are training ourselves day by day to be competitive and sustainable in the national and international market, looking for better business opportunities to finally deliver to the client a real experience with a differentiated service, with the best prices, quality and service in the market. Respecting current legislation, good labor practices, human rights and the environment, always aligned with the requirements of responsible conduct.



Respect for the environment , current legislation and safety in operations.

Righteousness and Honesty

Satisfaction and fulfillment of customer requirements

Human development

Competent, motivated and continuously trained staff


Continuous improvement of processes, constituting the foundations of the sustainability of the company over time

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